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The artist presents a scene of a lady in a red evening dress, in a static sitting posture in a half turned away position. The figure is painted on a dark background, with intentionally absent perspective and lowered boundaries of space. With this method of conversation Marina Fedorova fills the picture with specific feelings and experiences, creating an atmosphere of cosmic expanses and infinity. The artist deliberately places a massive crystal chandelier over the graceful lady, symbolizing the fragility and ability of glass to break into many small particles. When light hits the shards, they resemble the twinkling of a starry sky or the milky way.

Download the COSMODREAMS: ART in AR mobile app, then open it, go to the section “AR Stories” and point your camera at the painting to see the animation.

  • Dimensioins:

    150 x 150 cm

  • Technique:

    oil on canvas

  • Year:


  • Price:

    € 235,000

If you are interested, please contact us by writing to

This Art object is one-of-a-kind.
All rights are reserved.