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An impressive sculpture of an elegant female figure called ‘Palm Tree Lady’ captures the essence of the renowned Al-Ahsa oasis in Saudi Arabia. It symbolizes fertility and the maternal power of love and care. Wearing a flowing dress that is meticulously sculpted to mimic the gentle flow of water, the artwork celebrates the life-giving energy provided by an oasis. ‘Palm Tree Lady’ becomes the embodiment of the refreshing energy of an oasis.

Marina Fedorova envisions the image of an artwork while reflecting on the cultural legacy of the Al-Ahsa oasis. The sculpture pays homage to its cultural heritage by embracing the figure with intricately crafted palm leaves, symbolizing unity among the people. As a harmonious fusion of art and life, each palm leaf is meticulously crafted to reflect nature’s organic intricacies.

Download the COSMODREAMS: ART in AR mobile app, then open it, go to the section “AR Stories” and point your camera at the painting to see the animation.

  • Dimensioins:

    Height – 100 cm

  • Technique:

    3D print utilising FDM
    SLA and DLP components

  • Year:


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This Art object is one-of-a-kind.
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