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The lenticular print ‘Desert Turns into Forest’ is based on the eponymous work, painted in oil painting technique. Marina Fedorova uses lenticular printing and the play of optical effects on the plane, expanding the palette of visual sign and techniques to elaborate a single subject. As a contemporary talent, she makes active use of the software aiding in drafting digital sketches and collages, converting freehand drawings into digital formats, and subsequently using them as the starting point for full-scale artworks. This means that the full range of tools currently employed by digital artists to craft their works helps Marina Fedorova push the boundaries of her project initially based around the traditional painting medium.

In the painting ‘Desert Turns into Forest’ the viewer will observe the transition from one image to another from different angles, thereby creating a single work of art.

  • Dimensioins:

    80 x 120 cm

  • Technique:

    Lenticular print
    3d effect flip effect

  • Year:


  • Price:

    € 40,000 

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This Art object is one-of-a-kind.
All rights are reserved.